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What is concrete batching plant?

Concrete batching plant is also known as concrete mixing plant, batch plant, or concrete plant. It is construction equipment that combines various ingredients to form concrete. The ingredients include sand, cement, admixture, fly ash, silica fume, slag, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.) and cement. A concrete plant consists of concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, belt conveyor, cement silo, screw conveyor, medium storage bin, weighing system and control system.

Types of Concrete Batching Plant

According to the structure, the concrete batching plant can be divided into stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant. The stationary concrete batching plant is divided into general batching plant and foundationless batching plant. The mobile concrete batching plant is divided into drum-type mobile batching plant and general mobile batching plant. The foundationless batching plant can be installed directly on flat ground without site construction.

According to the feeding method, the concrete batching plant is divided into the skip hoist batching plant and the belt conveyor batching plant.

HZS25 Concrete plant

Skip Hoist Batching Plant 

HZS90-concrete mixing station

Belt Conveyor Batching Plant

According to the water-adding mode, the concrete batching plant is divided into the ready mix concrete batching plant and the wet mix concrete batching plant. Ready mix batching plant only mix all ingredients except water. On the way to the construction site, water is added to the concrete mixer truck and mixed with the dry mixture to get concrete. Wet mix concrete batching plant mix all ingredients including water, and get concrete in the concrete mixer directly. Then transported to the construction site by a concrete mixer truck.

Classification BasisType
Feeding methodSkip hoistBelt conveyor
Water-adding modeready mixwet mix

How does a concrete plant work?

  1. Preparation: load the aggregate (sand and gravel etc.) into the concrete batching machine hopper. Load the cement into the cement silo. Start the mixer for pre-blending.
  2. Feeding work: (1) load the aggregate into the weighing hopper to get the appropriate amount (Cumulative weighing method or individual weighing method). They will be dispatched to the feeding hopper or feeding belt conveyor, which then conveyors them to the concrete mixer. (2) The cement in the cement silo is transported to the cement weighing hopper above the concrete mixer through the screw conveyor. And get the appropriate amount. (3) Draw an appropriate amount of water from the water tank to the storage tank and weigh. (4) Weigh an appropriate amount of admixture and put it into the storage water tank.
  3. Finally: Turn on all the weighing hoppers and water inlet pressure pumps, and put all material into the concrete mixer to blend evenly. (about 50s-72s)
  4. Once the setting time is over, the mixer will discharge the mix into a transit mixer or a concrete pump.
  5. Please keep in mind that commonly the concrete must be prepared, transported, and then applied between 30-45 minutes, which is also known as preparatory setting time, concrete must not segregate in the whole course.

What is the configuration of each equipment in the concrete mixing plant?

If you wanna purchase a cost-effective concrete batching plant in China. It is necessary to figure out the configuration of each equipment in the concrete mixing plant. Let’s learn it!

Concrete mixer 

Concrete mixer is the most important of concrete batching plant. It is used to mix concrete. The twin-shaft concrete mixer is commonly used in Chinese concrete batching plant. The twin-shaft concrete mixer is divided to hopper lift concrete mixer and belt conveyor concrete mixer. The hopper lift concrete is commonly used in 25m³/h-60m³/h concrete batching plants and the belt conveyor mixer is used in 75-180m³/h plants.

Hopper lift concrete consists of motor, skip hopper frame, cement, water and admixture weighing system, reducer and skip hopper, control system. The biggest difference between the hopper lift concrete mixer and the belt conveyor mixer is feeding method. So, the belt conveyor has not skip hopper frame and skip hopper, but it has belt.

Concrete batching machine

The concrete batching machine is one of the indispensable equipment of the concrete mixing station. It consists of aggregate storage bin, belt conveyor and weighing hopper. It has 2-6 storage bins. It is used to storage aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.). Concrete batching machine is divided into cumulative weighing hopper, flat belt weighing hopper and separated weighing hopper according to the weighing mode.

Cement silo

Cement silos are used to store cement. It is divided into vertical bolted cement silo and horizontal cement silo. The vertical cement silo is assembled by bolt splicing, the horizontal cement silo is one-piece.

Control system

Control system has fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual.

What do the model letters of concrete batching plant in China mean?

The most common concrete plant is the HZS series and YHZS series in China. For instance, HZS25 and YHZS25. Do you know what it means? Let’s learn it!

The Y means Mobile (yi dong移动), the H means Concrete (Hun ning tu 混凝土), the Z means plant (Zhan 站), the S means twin shaft concrete mixer(Shuang wo zhou hun ning tu jiao ban ji 双卧轴混凝土搅拌机), and the 25 means 25m³/h. So, the YHZS25 means 25m³/h mobile concrete batching plant and the HZS25 means 25m³/h concrete batching plant.

How to understand the parameters of the mixing station?

JS1000 refers to the discharging of concrete mixer 1000L per batch

Theoretical Mixing Capacity=3600s*Concrete Mixer Discharging /Mixing Time Per Batch

HZS60 theoretical mixing capacity: 60m³/h=3600s*1m³/batch/60



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